With the constant threat of new viruses and resistant bacteria, humanity is in desperate need of new drugs and therapeutics to help combat illness. Little has helped humanity advance more than the advent of antibiotics. At WhiteCoat Sciences, our mission is to develop antimicrobial medical devices, diagnostic laboratory services, and cutting edge pharmaceutics to help humanity battle the diseases of the 21st Century.

On the diagnostic side, we have COVID-19 testing including PCR analysis, ELISA serology for antibody detection, and other diagnostic tools in order to develop convalescent therapy. Within the pharmaceutical division, we are developing treatment solutions to help with respiratory infections such as influenza and the newly discovered coronavirus Covid-19.

We are also currently developing surgical closure devices that help decrease post-operative infections and innovative new catheter devices to help prevent nosocomial urinary infections.

We happily partner with other developing Biotechnology and Medical related companies for new endeavors, products, and services.